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The Mt.Vaca Radio Club (Call sign K6MVR ) owns and operates repeater systems in and around Sacramento, California. The systems provide reliable coverage for mobile stations throughout the Sacramento Valley region and beyond to Modesto, Chico, the Sierras, and parts of the Bay Area. We are an ARRL affiliated club. We invite you to browse these pages to learn about our club and its activities. Every one is welcome to our repeater. Please check the Membership page for information about joining MVRC.

The MVRC members request that all transmissions be short, direct and to the point like face-to-face conversations.
The MVRC system is a large party line that should be kept open for use by as many users as possible.
When entering a conversation in progress, identify using your call sign only.
The use of the word BREAK is discouraged. Give your call sign in the time period between when one
member of the conversation stops transmitting and the courtesy tone occurs.

When the system is being used for Public Service please give that traffic priority.
All Amateurs are welcome to use the open repeaters and in open contacts which do not impede the use by others.


  • NET: The weekly net has been suspended Enjoy your extra time.
  • ACTIVITIES: The MVRC Club provides radio communications for Public Service activities and emergency communication, as well as a variety of social activities including mobile trips and camping trips. Check out event calendar.
  • MEMBERSHIP: Support for the MVRC comes from our Members and Sponsors. We welcome your participation.
  • ROSTER: Current list of members and email address
  • REPEATERS: The MVRC CLUB (K6MVR) repeaters.
    • OPEN systems
      • 2 meter open repeater on 147.00 MHz (-) using PL of 136.5 Hz.
      • IRLP system, node 3895.
    • UHF systems - for our member's use.
  • NEWS LETTER: Read current and previous Mt. Vaca News which is published quarterly and sent to members and sponsors.
  • LINKS: List of Amateur radio related web sites for information to help our members.

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